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system monitoring of on-premise devices

Daily Server Safety Check
Two of the most important systems for any business are its backup and antivirus programs. The problem is that when these programs stop working correctly, you usually don’t know. In these cases, you’re left vulnerable to critical data loss – or to virus attack.

We can provide a Daily Server Safety Check service. Our sophisticated monitoring program will check these two vital systems each and every morning, ensuring they’re working correctly – and alerting you when they’re not (requires compliant backup and AV products).

Daily Server Health Check
Your server is where all of your business data is stored, so it’s vitally important its health is maintained, for example: disk space is managed, Windows Services are operating as designed and the Exchange Email Server is working as it should.

The Daily Server Health Check monitors the most important aspects of your system each and every morning, ensuring everything is working correctly – and alerting you when it’s not.

Real-Time Server and Network Monitoring
In the event of a disk space threshold being reached, a windows service stopping or even a device going offline, our monitoring service alerts us.

It can be configured to send an email or SMS alert to us as your IT support or we can send direct to you, the customer. It will also flag up on our web based dashboard.

This early warning system allows us to pick up events such as a server running short of space, and resolve the issue before the client or users are aware an issue existed.

system and network monitoring for small business in essex, herts and London
We can also provide monitoring and management of workstations via the same service. A benefit of this is that we can produce reports not just on your servers, but also the individual workstations. This allows us to identify trends and it also provides asset tracking capabilities. Using this powerful tool we can quickly pull off reports showing all equipment with – for instance – P4 Processors in the organisation, and these reports can be used to plan hardware upgrades.

We can provide a demonstration or a free trial – contact us for more info.

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