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Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 11 Online is an online backup and recovery solution that provides the redundancy of a remote data store without the high price tag.

Affordable for small and medium businesses, it provides the same redundancy capabilities that large businesses have typically had through replication across their data centres. Support is included for mixed virtual and physical computing environments found in a high percentage of today’s businesses.

Unlike other online backup services, Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Online does more than just protect your files. It leverages Acronis’ patented Disk Imaging technology and Cloud technology to protect whole systems, including the operating system, files and applications.

Some of the key benefits that companies can enjoy with backup and recovery in the cloud:
  • Improved data protection: Cloud backup assures that your data is recoverable and protected. With industry-leading encryption and security practices, cloud-based data is highly secure.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Zero capital expense and predictable subscription pricing keep total cost of ownership low.
  • Leverage existing IT: Acronis cloud solutions interoperate with existing storage devices, applications and operating systems.
  • Lower energy consumption: No need for larger server rooms, saving power consumption and energy bills. A great way to lower your carbon footprint and economise.
  • Agility and scalability: Because it’s cloud-based, increasing or decreasing storage capacity is painless.

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For further background on the benefits of Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 11 Online, visit the Acronis website Here or see the following downloads:

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